The Pros and Cons of Having a Kitchen Island

Luxury White Kitchen Cabinets With Blue Island Cabinets.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the main gathering place when friends and family come over. There’s something soothing and unintimidating about a kitchen, whether it’s the inevitable mess that happens when there’s food and drink prep, the calming scents from cooking food, or that it’s easier and quicker to access food that’s been prepared.

Whatever the reason for the popularity of gathering in the kitchen over other rooms in the house, it remains one of the mysteries of life that the kitchen is where we tend to congregate. The cool thing about kitchens is that each one is entirely different than the next.

Think about it. Your kitchen does not look at all like your siblings’ kitchen or your parents’ kitchen or your friends’ kitchens. And none of their kitchens look like the others. The elements that vary include the:

· cabinetry kind, style, materials, colors, handles, and other characteristics;

· appliance color, year, make, model, type, size;

· flooring;

· lighting;

· countertop materials and color;

· backsplash pattern, material, color, direction;

· vent hood;

· paint or wallpaper color;

· small appliances;

· more.

If you have a kitchen island, you may already be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of having it in your kitchen space. If you don’t have a kitchen island but you’re thinking about installing a temporary kitchen island (such as a portable kitchen island, maybe on wheels), a permanent kitchen island, or simply want to learn more about kitchen islands, we’ll break down the positives and negatives of having a kitchen island here.

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Disadvantages of a Kitchen Island


Kitchen islands look amazing in photographs, but are there any disadvantages to having a kitchen island?

1. The countertop on the island, like all your countertops, needs to be cleaned. Since most kitchen islands get a lot of use, they tend to need even more cleaning than your other countertops.

2. You’ll often need to walk around it in order to get to the appliance or kitchen space you want to use. It may even feel as though you’re never on the side of the island you want to be on in order to get where you want to be.

3. A third potential disadvantage to having a kitchen island is really more of a homeowner or designer error. This disadvantage would be adding a stove, whether gas or electric to the island. Having a range in an island takes away the ability to have an exhaust fan above the stove. In addition, cooking on a range in the center of a kitchen often leads to greasy splatters, which can cause people to potentially slip and fall.

Advantages of a Kitchen Island

1. A kitchen island provides additional working space for cooking. Whether you need more space for chopping, stirring, mixing, or to spread out all your ingredients to create a masterpiece, having the open counterspace makes cooking more fun and easier.

2. It provides a gathering point for family, as well as additional space to do homework, do projects, or cook together. In a kitchen without an island, the space where all those activities can occur is merely floorspace and not as useful for family bonding.

3. It allows guests to enjoy the kitchen space when gathering at a party or smaller gathering. The island provides a cozier atmosphere and ambiance than say a dining room or formal living room.

4. A kitchen island provides additional storage space if there are cabinets in the lower part of the island. In addition, some kitchen islands contain the primary sink or a second sink. A sink in a kitchen island proves to be more useful than a cooktop. Still, care should be taken not to spill or splash water near the island, as it is a walking path in the kitchen. Unseen water on the floor in a main walking area may cause slips and falls.

Many modern kitchens have a kitchen island, whether a temporary one or one that is affixed to the kitchen floor. The reason for the popularity of kitchen islands is because they provide a central point for gathering, as well as additional cooking and baking space, among the other benefits.

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