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How Much Does It Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets In East Hampton, Connecticut?

Painting Cabinets is often a cost effective solution to full kitchen renovation. Painting your cabinets eliminates numerous unknowns from the remodeling process and when compared to the cost of new cabinets and installation, painting instead of replacing will save you lots of money! With today's selection of cabinet hardware, endless color options and counter materials, its no wonder cabinet painting has become so popular. In addition to saving money, painting also saves time in planning a new kitchen install not to mention the inconvenience and disruption a remodel causes. The average time frame for a completed cabinet painting project in East Hampton, CT is 5 days. When you compare that to replacement and all the variables to consider, it makes the decision easy and straightforward.

If your cabinets are in good shape, but are out-dated you have come to the right place.

But what you really want to know is the cost of painting your kitchen cabinets? Well, before we dive into the project cost, let's take a look at the components involved in completing your professional kitchen cabinet painting project.

Products: At Clean Cut Painting we offer 2 different levels of finish.

The first option we offer is a 2 year warranty pre-catalized lacquer. This finish will resemble a factory applied finish and is likely what is on your cabinets. It is available in an unlimited color palette so you can find just the right color to fit your style. It is durable, cures fast and wears well. Your kitchen can be returned to normal use within 4 hours of application.

The second and our most popular option is our exclusive Lifetime Warranty Italian imported 2k Polyurethane. This option adds $500-$1000 to your project depending on the size of your kitchen. This product is hands down the most durable cabinet finish on the market, and for that reason along with our enhanced preparation techniques we are able to offer a warranty for as long as you own your home! On the surface you might not see the difference between the two but over the long term you will see the value in how the 2k poly finish cleans and wears, looking fresh for years to come. This option also has the same unlimited color potential as the pre-catalyzed lacquer.

Neither of these products can be found at your local hardware store as a run of the mill trim paint. They are made specifically for cabinets and furniture. it is a no-brainier if you plan on being in your home for an extended period of time. These products are also low VOC which means they are healthier for you and the environment and combined with our industrial filtered air extraction units we bring onsite to remove dust in the air, your project will have less odor and dust than a standard interior painting project.

Kitchen Size: How large is your kitchen cabinet painting project? How many pieces are there? A simple way to determine "pieces" is to count drawers and doors. We remove every piece possible to bring back to our cabinet finishing shop in East Hampton, CT (typically doors and drawers) to paint in our industrial spray booth. All of the mechanical components including hinges and drawer slides are carefully removed, inspected and labeled during disassembly. This eliminates time we are actually onsite and helps keep your home clean. Most "painters" take over your garage, and use simple box fans sending unfiltered air and over spray into your yard through a window or even worse, no fan at all leaving you to deal with the smell. This is especially important when children are present. Each piece would average between $125-$150 depending on condition and wood type. This cost is an approximation and includes the boxes from which they were removed. Heavily grained wood species like oak require more work to "fill" the grain and give a "factory like" appearance.

Color: Color selection can also affect the price. When selecting dark colors, 2k ply is your best paint option. 2K poly insures that your cabinets will resist chipping even when applying multiple coats that are required to get that deep rich color you are looking for. Another factor in cost is the selection of one or two color options. Secondary colors add approximately $250 for each additional color choice.

Labor: Labor makes up the majority of a cabinet painting project. The time required to transform a kitchen can range from 60- 200+ hours.Why is this important? You can not cut corners in the cabinet painting process and deliver the quality in appearance and durability that Clean Cut Painting does and it is the main difference between our process and other

companies processes. We are not willing to cut corners to reduce the cost and we work best with clients that agree. We know what it takes to give you what you expect and we never deliver anything less.

Skill: In addition to the time required to perform the Clean Cut process, we also know it takes unparalleled skill. People that are experts in the application of high end fine finishes. That is why we pursue the best and why our team primarily comes from the autobody industry where they have honed their spray technique on cars. And when they get through with your cabinets, you will know you have partnered with highly skilled craftsmen and women that are passionate about what they are doing. No brush and roller here. We spray all of our cabinet finishes and that is how you get that factory look that isn't achievable with a brush and roller. Combined, we have 30 years of training and experience to give consistent

results that do not disappoint. We recruit top talent, which shows in the results!

So that leads me to your original question. What is the investment to get my Kitchen

Cabinets Painted?

In our experience, an average kitchen is $5,600 and $6,200 when selecting the lifetime

warranty package. Of course larger kitchens fall above that average.

According to HomeAdvisor, the national average for remodeling your kitchen is $25,301

with a range of $13,276- $37,546.

So it is clear that re-painting is less expensive, cleaner, and faster to replacing and we

have the system to give you a brand new space at 20% the cost of a new one. Call

Clean Cut Painting today for your free Cabinet Painting Consultation.

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