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Common Questions

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Do you brush or roll cabinetry? A: No we do not. Our cabinet painting system has been designed from years of trial and error and is based on the principles of automotive refinishing techniques and tools. We only spray cabinet grade finishes on our projects in order to achieve an incredibly smooth "buttery" outcome that is not possible when rolling or brush painting cabinets.

How durable will my painted cabinets be? A: Our system has been designed and refined to acheive the most durable finish on the market. As with any finish, the better you care for the surface, the better the results will last. Just like a new car, keeping it clean and maintaining it will get you the most out of it.

What is the difference between stock and custom colors? A: We have the ability to match any color from major paint manufacturers color decks. Since there are unlimited options to choose from, we have selected the 6 most common painted cabinet colors in an effort to eliminate waste. Those colors are offered at a discount since we can up-cycle them onto different projects eliminating up to 30% wasted product.

How long does it take to paint cabinets? A: In most cases cabinet painting projects can be completed in 5 days on average. Of course the job size and number of colors can change the reuired time frame needed for completion. We discuss all of this on the virtual consultation.

Is there a minimum job size requirement? A: We do not have a minimum project size for painting cabinets, however, there is a minimum investment required in order to cover the time and materials required for even small jobs. That minimum is $3500.00

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