5 useful tips to prepare for your professional kitchen cabinet painting project in East Hampton, CT

White kitchen cabinets with black countertop

Keeping an open line of communication to our clients, between scheduling timelines and what needs to be done in order to have a successful kitchen cabinet painting project that goes as planned. Clear expectations between both parties can save loads of aggravation and give professional results. We have made a list of the most important items that can have a significant impact on the outcome of a project. The entire service is mapped out prior to arrival so that management, the team and client are all on the same page.

Here are our 5 top tips to help ensure a smooth project and this isn’t just limited to cabinet painting!


We ask that a bathroom be designated prior to service to minimize the impact we have on your home- typically the one closest to the work area. We understand that your home is your private space and try to respect that by limiting access to non-essential areas; it is much easier to keep the spaces clean. With the pandemic we are all facing, this is more important than ever. Our new policy is to disinfect bathrooms at the end of each day, the work area at the end of a project including tools and equipment between jobs. If you are not comfortable designating a bathroom, we have resources available to bring a portable facility onsite.

Pets and Children

Pets and children are awesome, but they are both curious by nature and can interrupt the work flow. We require that both be secured away from work areas to prevent any accidental mishaps from occurring. The more traffic in and out of work spaces can lead to contamination of sterile areas as well as letting dust and debris into non work areas. We have seen it all from cats entering masked off cabinet boxes to Fido’s new hair color or pet hair embedded into otherwise beautiful finishes. In order to replicate the finish that leave our facility, we can’t stress this enough.

Empty cabinets

Removing all the items in your cabinets is a huge time saver when masking. With the hundreds of screws, dozens of hinges, numerous doors and drawers, it makes for a much smoother process. We have systems of organization that allow us to disassemble and reassemble the kitchen without losing hardware and making sure all the parts find their way home. We have had several clients appreciate the fact that it is a good time to de-clutter and get rid of unused items that build up over time. For example, we have more than once found an old oven mitt under a drawer that didn’t belong to the current homeowner.

Clear work space

The more clear a workspace is for our team, the better results and faster turnaround we can deliver. Since we essentially turn your kitchen into a spray booth using a tent system, we can deliver a factory looking product. We typically need a 4 foot perimeter around the tented area and this is discussed during your consultation. It also eliminates the probability of spreading dust throughout the home by keeping everything contained inside the tent. When we don’t have clutter, we can work much more efficiently and get you your kitchen back in pristine condition.

Color choices

Ahh, the dreaded color selection..this is probably the most painstaking part of cabinet finishing or any painting project for that matter. Color choices should be submitted in writing no less than a week in advance. Since the products we use in the cabinet process are not “off the shelf” products and need to be special ordered, we like to make sure when we show up we’re ready to go. This also prevents miscommunication on locations or actual shades. These documents are attached to work orders directly and handed off to crew leads, creating accountability and preventing issues. To take some of the stress off these color decisions, we offer color consultations at no charge for our clients. When in doubt, white is a timeless option. It creates an open and inviting space and when paired with an accent color on the island, bringing a custom feel to the project!

These simple steps can have an enormous impact on how smoothly the project can go and should be considered prior to contracting any painting project.